Jun 17

The AMA’s “Cure For Claims” (Wow!)

I don’t know how I missed this announcement (thanks, Bob @ PhysAll), but the AMA has embarked on an advocacy campaign specifically targeting the baloney that goes on during the insurance claim submission process. Now this is the kind of … Continue reading

May 16

“We will not sacrifice profitability for membership.”

They usually write themselves. Reason #1156 to pay attention to Susanne Madden and the Verden Group – the AMA itself has turned to her for an analysis of the exodus of patients from many of the large, national plans. Apparently … Continue reading

Jan 28


Update: The AAP is no longer alone, as the AMA has issued a letter to ABC. And life wouldn’t be in balance if the Immunization Action Coalition didn’t weigh in as well! I probably shouldn’t frame this issue as a … Continue reading

Dec 20

RVU Update #7, Good

All the RVU drama makes it hard for me to get to other things, but here is the latest from my generous and favorite inside source (instead of using an inappropriate 70s adult film nickname, we’ll use “Siouxsie”): 1) The … Continue reading