May 21

Extended Office Hours

I have written here extensively about the various “scheduling based codes” and their usage – or lack of usage – among pediatricians, but have made the mistaken assumption that most of you reading here actually have extended office hours. It … Continue reading

May 27

More 99050, 99051, 99053, 99058 Madness

As promised, I will show you the money. Click on the picture below (or here) for a better view of the average reimbursement for these scheduling based codes. What we see are fairly consistent reimbursement for the codes with the … Continue reading

May 22

After-Hours Codes And Other Scheduling-Based Codes (99050, 99051, 99053, 99058)

In 2008, the CPT definition of the classic “after-hours” codes changed. Gone is all the rigmarole about whether your hours are “posted” or whether your patients know you are open on weekends and all the other commentary that used to … Continue reading