Quick (Aetna, SOAPM)

I’m busy writing another piece for the SOAPM newsletter and it’s really taking up my time. I’m truly honored to be given the opportunity to provide them comment but, whew, it takes a lot of work. That is, it’s one thing to ramble on in a blog (this is a good example), but it’s a different thing entirely to actually construct a 500-1000 word piece that really needs to be articulate, concise, and compelling. It’s certainly a good exercise.

Oh, back to the topic: I know three different offices in different states in the northeast who have recently renegotiated their Aetna contracts with considerable success. It’s enough of a convergence that I find it worth mentioning – perhaps it’s a good time to give your rep a call. Aetna is on the upswing, take advantage. Negotiating now? Push harder. Considering a conversation? Do it now.

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