Pediatric E&M Coding Training – Free Videos!

A few months ago, one of our pediatric practice management friends reached out to us to look for any good on-line resources for coding training for his pediatric clients.  “Someone must have a WWW site with videos explaining how E&M coding works for pediatricians.”  Not really, it turns out.

So over the last year, Jan and Nate @ PCC have built this library of pediatric E&M coding videos which include a new quiz you can take at the end to help you confirm what you heave learned.  It’s like Kahn Academy, but for CPT coding.  Woohoo!  Come back here whenever you or someone in your office needs a refresher.

Share and enjoy.  There’s no sales pitch or anything PCC-specific.  This is about helping pediatricians code properly.

PCC E&M Coding Series

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