A quick follow up from yesterday’s examination of well visit rates and “appointment depth.”  I mentioned I had some more interesting data to share from our sample of ~3.5million independent pediatric practice visits.

First, the average appointment depth is 18.27 days – in other words, on average, each appointment at a practice has been on the books for 18 days.  However, the distribution is far from normal…

Appointment Depth

What this shows is that 42% of our clients’ visit were same-day.  22% were within the week, etc.  I can’t figure out how to adjust the X-axis to properly reflect the size of the different chunks above (i.e., 8-30 Days is represents 3x more days than 1-7 Days), but just envision a very, very long tail here.

I’m not sure what this tells us, yet, but I find it interesting.  I’ll see if I can look into rescheduling information, might take a bit.  Comments, as always, welcomed!