I just stumbled onto a goldmine of a blog whom I’ve referenced before but I hadn’t really explored. Lo! and Behold! a series of fascinating pieces about the concierge medicine concept but with language and articulation I haven’t encountered previously. A new term – microcapitation – seems to be a perfect description of the “Care Package” concept that I’ve talked about here and in seminars. I’ll see if I can poke the author into looking directly at the preventive care packages that seem so natural for pediatric offices.

Anyway, I see a title forming for my next SOAPM newsletter piece. Microcap. Care package. Personalized medicine. There’s something in that. I like it.

His blog pieces are long, but worth it. Want to know where to start…try here or here. I’ll get back to the 96110 tomorrow, but I will return to CrossoverHealth.

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