Independent Pediatrician Vol 3

…is out in stores near you. OK, it’s not in stores, but you can read it on-line and everyone reading my blog should be on the mailing list (if you aren’t, just signup on-line). Head over to the newly redesigned site where you can read the every issue on-line or download a full copy.  This issue features some fairly prominent SOAPM members and two of favorite practices ever – I’ll leave it to the reader to decide which is which.

I also urge any one of my readers to take a few minutes to Tell Your Story. Independent Pediatric practices are vital to the health and success of the children in this country and people need to hear about you.


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  1. Paul Farrell
    Paul Farrell says:

    I am struggling with this question. I realize to join some type of larger group how can I compete with someone getting 30 to 40 % more per office visit and getting a much better price for buying vaccines. For example the new Meningoccal B vaccine that we have to purchase at $125 per dose can be purchase by the hospital based practices for $82. Tell me how we can compete with those examples. I love my profession but the practice aspect is a business not a hobby of mine.

    • Chip Hart
      Chip Hart says:

      First, let’s clear up one thing: you can have the same group purchasing benefits your hospital is in RIGHT NOW. Whether you are a solo practice, 5 docs, or 100 docs. I’ve interviewed at least 2 or 3 of some of the national programs here on this blog.

      The bottom line: if you are purchasing your immunizations directly, then you are doing it wrong. Write me off line – – and I’ll introduce you to a number of GPOs who will take care of you immediately.

      Second, those practices who are getting 30-40% more per visit are rarely due entirely to better contracts. Yes, sometimes it happens with the mega (>300) groups, but usually the difference is easily explained by coding, insurance distributions, pricing, and visit reasons. If you’re still charging 120% of Medicare and doing 90% 99213 visits with little ancillary work…you need to look in the mirror, first!


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