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This arrived in my mailbox last week:

By the way……Take a look at my SRS coding numbers from 7/23/06-9/14/06 compared to 7/23/07-9/14/07. I listened at the conference.

For the unitiated, “SRS” is the name of ourSmart Support Suite” that our customers use to look at their data. It comes with all kinds of pediatric benchmarking tools built in. In this instance, the doctor is referring to an E&M distribution. So, per request, I called into the practice’s system to see the results. Wow!

E&M Rates
Code 2006 2007
99213 87% 74%
99214 10.6% 21%
99215 .7% 4.5%

At the average reimbursement for this practice, this improvement projects to a revenue increase of over $10,000 a year for just this one physician. Just for getting charts right, no extra overhead. Sadly, this pediatrician has 3 other partners (out of 6) who are as bad or worse – putting more than $40,000 a year into the pocket of the MCOs. The way I see it, though, even one doctor is an improvement. Congrats!

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