Buying A New Vaccine Fridge

I recently mentioned the awesome vaccine management productions put on by the AAP (via SOAPM) and I hope everyone here had a chance to participate in the seminar.  If you didn’t, here are the awesome handouts!

During our Users’ Conference last week, a client approached me with questions about buying a new refrigerator for vaccine storage.  I realized that our AAP/SOAPM friends had put together an effective “Vaccine Fridge Buyer’s Guide.”  I asked SOAPM if I could share the document and they graciously agreed.  Here it is for the world to read.   So, if you are buying a fridge for your office, read this first!

Sizing A Vaccine Refrigerator

Thanks, SOAPM (and Dr. Barden).

3 thoughts on “Buying A New Vaccine Fridge

  1. What are your thoughts on vaccine temp logging? Our state does not require it yet, but I’m curious as to whether other clinics are opting to pay for this service.

    • I think it’s something every practice should do.

    • It’s required for VFC; you may not give VCF vaccines, but it’s nice to have your monitoring in place should you decide to;
    • Although not needed for a temperature alarm system, most of the sophisticated ones include it automatically, so why not? You DO get a call/text if your power goes out and/or the fridge gets too warm/cold…right?
    • Finally, it’s ultimately the right thing to do clinically. Would you knowingly give a vaccine that you know had fallen outside the temperature requirements? Of course not. So keep an eye on it!
    • My $.02, feel free to ignore.

  2. From personal experience and from collections of SOAPM stories, I will second Chip’s recommendation regarding temperature logging and notification. I have a Temperature Guard monitoring system installed. It has saved my vaccines twice in the last month. Once because the freezer was left partially opened and the next because we had a huge Texas thunderstorm that caused a power outage overnight. As I was driving to my office at 4 a to rescue vaccines, I passed two nearby offices. Their power was out, too, with no cars around. The power wasn’t restored for 12 hours. I hope those two practices had monitors as well. Brandy McCray, MD
    San Antonio, TX

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