Mar 18

Really, We Don’t Ration Care and Access is Wonderful! (Shame on GA Caid and Aetna)

“Kids caught in Medicaid pay crossfire” says the CNN article from yesterday.  No kidding.  There are two important reasons to read this piece.  First, it highlights the challenge that pediatricians face when working with Medicaid patients – it usually doesn’t … Continue reading

Mar 12

Mark Your Calendars

Two vital dates for your schedule:   October 1, 2010 This is the new Medicare fee schedule extension date.  Until then, the 2010 Medicare rate will be maintained at the 2009 levels.  Here’s an AMA summary: This afternoon, the Senate … Continue reading

Mar 06

Phone Code Update

A surreal moment – I am in Richmond, VA listening to Dr.Lander talk about coding during the Pediatric Alliance/VAAAP event while working on the blog.  And watching my laptopbattery drain quickly! About a year ago, we did a quick run-down on the “non face-to-face”codes, … Continue reading