Apr 23

Removal of Financial Barriers to Children’s Mental Health Services

[Today’s installment was ghost written by the obvious author.] Q was alerted by the folks who publish the Pediatric Coder’s Pink Sheet about the AAP‘s recent collaboration with American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.  They’ve published a position paper … Continue reading

Apr 09

July 2009 Pediatric Practice Management Coding Event!

t’s official – go sign up.  Space is limited.  Similar to our previous endeavors but two days, a lot of content, and the largest collection of pediatric practices in one place all year long.  The best part -it’s at Disney, … Continue reading

Apr 08

96110 Update

I’ve written extensively about 96110 usage among practicing pediatricians in the past and wanted to provide an update for 2008/9. 96110 Charge Reimbursement Data (Paid-off Charges, 2008/9) Average Charge Average Ins. Payment Average Pers. Payment Average Total Payment 2008 $40.26 … Continue reading

Apr 06

Non Face-to-Face Code Usage Among PCC Clients

I’ve mentioned the use of telephone codes in pediatric offices a few times previously, but it looks like I may have never actually provided any usage data!  It just so happens that the a good friend asked me, “Are most … Continue reading