Sep 16

Fear And Loathing in Columbus, OH (UHC, Humana)

I am in lovely Columbus, OH, about to meet Dr. Lander, Donelle Holle, and some clients for dinner as we prepare for our pediatric coding and practice management event tomorrow morning.  We obviously won’t have the crowds we get in … Continue reading

Sep 09

The Worst Insurance / Fewer Primary Care Docs / PedTalk Cited!

All external references today, folks. I had two people send this to me, but I’ll give Susanne credit 🙂 It’s an paper from the American Association for Justice entitled “The Ten Worst Insurance Companies In America“. You can find the … Continue reading

Sep 08

Most Common Pediatric Codes

I am doing some research into the most common pediatric codes in order to set up a spread/worksheet for use during an insurane negotiation.  Lots of “consultants” routinely make the mistake of suggesting that you look at your top 10 … Continue reading