Jun 26

E&M Coding “Cheat Sheet”

I almost forgot about this, but Igor mentioned that a client asked for it, so here we are.I got the original idea from a couple sources, including the GA AAP and Island Coast Pediatrics a long time ago and posted … Continue reading

Jun 25

Cory Doctorow’s Essay on Rare Events

I was following links from someone’s Twitter account of the seminar I’m attending and fell into this essay: The single most pernicious threat to liberty today is humanity’s natural tendency to misunderstand the statistics of rare events. We’re just not … Continue reading

Jun 20

Quick Insurance Termination Letter Samples

After the third request for these this week, I figured I’d post them to the blog. They’re text instead of PDF for easy cut-n-paste action, imagine that. The supposition here is that this is to an insurance company you really … Continue reading

Jun 17

The AMA’s “Cure For Claims” (Wow!)

I don’t know how I missed this announcement (thanks, Bob @ PhysAll), but the AMA has embarked on an advocacy campaign specifically targeting the baloney that goes on during the insurance claim submission process. Now this is the kind of … Continue reading

Jun 12

Latest Pediatric E&M Distribution Benchmark

By request (check the comments), here is the latest Pediatric E&M Distribution data from PCC. You can’t get it much fresher than this – a few million E&M CPT codes, from May 2007 to May 2008. I had a good, … Continue reading

Jun 12

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em

The letter begins: The Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT) is pleased to notify you that you have been selected to serve as a member of the Child Health Workgroup for our 2008-2009 certification development. More than once, I … Continue reading