May 30

The Verden Effect

A couple weeks ago, the Verden Alert gave me this little notice about Oxford: Please note that in an effort to become more transparent and communicate more clearly, Oxford has modified its policy change listings. Oxford now posts exactly what … Continue reading

May 28

Fun with CCHIT (New Child Health Certification Criteria)

CCHIT has announced the new optional Child Health Certification Criteria. Click on the link, read the PDF, get a sense of what hoops the pediatric EHR world is going to have to jump through shortly. I have been critical of … Continue reading

May 27

More 99050, 99051, 99053, 99058 Madness

As promised, I will show you the money. Click on the picture below (or here) for a better view of the average reimbursement for these scheduling based codes. What we see are fairly consistent reimbursement for the codes with the … Continue reading

May 22

After-Hours Codes And Other Scheduling-Based Codes (99050, 99051, 99053, 99058)

In 2008, the CPT definition of the classic “after-hours” codes changed. Gone is all the rigmarole about whether your hours are “posted” or whether your patients know you are open on weekends and all the other commentary that used to … Continue reading

May 20

Final 96110 and More Personalized Medicine

I have some fascinating data about the after hours, etc., codes (9905x) coming, but I wanted to share these two followup tidbits before I forget: The Developmental Screening Toolkit For Primary Care Providers looks like an excellent site to add … Continue reading

May 16

“We will not sacrifice profitability for membership.”

They usually write themselves. Reason #1156 to pay attention to Susanne Madden and the Verden Group – the AMA itself has turned to her for an analysis of the exodus of patients from many of the large, national plans. Apparently … Continue reading

May 16

96110 Reimbursement Followup

As promised, here’s a followup to my 96110 data from the other day. It’s interesting to see how 96110 usage has increased in pediatricians over the years, but what are folks getting paid? Here’s the data: I know it’s hard … Continue reading