Apr 30

Verden Does It Again

I really can’t make too much of the quarterly Verden Rankings. Anyone sitting down to negotiate with an insurance company or analyze contracts should have a copy in hand. It’s not only free, but you can’t get that kind of … Continue reading

Apr 29

Physician’s Practice Surveys

Every year, Physician’s Practice magazine runs a series of surveys focusing on certain practice management issues – I’ve referenced their income report more than once – and they are running two more right now: The Annual Fee Schedule Survey The … Continue reading

Apr 28

Coding and Practice Management Followup

Whew – after the conference on the 21st, I then spent a week in DC with my family (woohoo!) and have returned to over 160 follow-up questions that PCC has promised to answer. Those who attended the conference will receive … Continue reading

Apr 21

Verden Group’s First Managed Care Report

Awesome, just awesome. I love it. Over at The Verden Group, they’ve been busy working on their quarterly ranking program of the 160+ managed care organizations they track. They’ve developed a unique scoring system that allows you to see, in … Continue reading

Apr 19

5 Ways Physicians Can Profit from Using an EMR

Back in March, I reacted to a piece from softwareadvice.com about CCHIT certification and even though I ripped through it honestly, I think they were appreciative of the coverage and sent me a reference to a new piece: 5 Ways … Continue reading

Apr 17

Live From the Pediatric Coding and Practice Management Event!

I have a vision of being one of those fancy bloggers who somehow writes a “live” blog from some important event. I don’t know why, but it seems cool. So, as I type, Dr. Tuck is giving the first full … Continue reading

Apr 14

Cut Out The Middleman

It appears that the chorus of people suggesting that we cut out the middleman in our physician-insurance-patient tripod (to mix metaphors) has grown even larger. I will continue to write about the concept here, of course, but see what the … Continue reading

Apr 10

Immunization/Vaccine Chart

It’s been a rough week, especially over at PedTalk. The autism/vaccines “debate” has poisoned the waters of discussion pretty badly and I have a feeling that some of the anti-vaccine crowd is trying to cause some technical difficulty for us. … Continue reading

Apr 02

Pediatric Coding and Practice Management (April 17, Washington DC)

Our coding/PM event is filling up. I have to update the talk about Pediatric Compensation Models with more recent data, but otherwise we’re in good shape. This will be great. It’s not too late to sign up, I’d love to … Continue reading