Jan 31

Catch Up

I get a lot of little messages every day that I feel like I should save and/or share, but they don’t add up to an entire blog entry (I don’t like to do more than one a day, if that, … Continue reading

Jan 30

Spring 2008 Pediatric Coding Conference

It’s official. PCC’s Spring 2008 Pediatric Coding Conference will be held on April 17 at the Capital Hilton in Washington DC. You can get all of the details here, some of which are repeated below. To sign up, race here. … Continue reading

Jan 28


Update: The AAP is no longer alone, as the AMA has issued a letter to ABC. And life wouldn’t be in balance if the Immunization Action Coalition didn’t weigh in as well! I probably shouldn’t frame this issue as a … Continue reading

Jan 28

Pediatric Video Sharing Site

Has anyone here seen this site before? www.DrMDK.com It’s a fascinating collection of brief interviews with real, practicing pediatricians about a wide variety of subjects (>600).  I can’t judge these clinically, but my layperson’s view of them is that the … Continue reading

Jan 24

NICHQ Request

This just in from the NICHQ folks: Finding successes and highlighting them gives hope and promotes new thinking–two major reasons that pediatricians and family physicians, nurses, public health professionals, managers, and parents attend the Annual Forum of the National Initiative … Continue reading

Jan 23

Quirky Software Companies

I was 3/4 of the way through a follow up piece on the Physician’s Practice Reimbursement Survey when I realized that some of the data is so goofy that I ought not really say much about it. That is, I … Continue reading

Jan 21

Physician’s Practice Annual Fee Schedule Survey

Physician’s Practice magazine has released, both in print and on-line, the results from their annual Fee Schedule survey. On one hand, I continue to applaud PP’s effort. On the other hand, their data continues to diverge from ours considerably. In … Continue reading

Jan 11

2008 RVU Spreadsheet and Calculator Complete

Whew.  They are up.  Want to know what the RVU values for the top 30 codes in pediatrics will be in 2008? Want to check any code?  I finished the Build-Your-Own RVU Calculator for 2008 and the Online Pediatric RVU … Continue reading